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• Work hard, relax harder
• Exercise your senses so they remain sharp
• Practice your listening and see what you’ve been missing
• Your surroundings shape you and the right ambiance allows you to shine
• Nature is our guidance, there is no such thing as a “rainy day”
• Life’s simplest ingredients always taste best
• Quench your thirst for knowledge, for water is life
• We are all explorers even if we never travel
• Treasure the cracks since they allow the light to get through
• Take the time to discover the details, they are what matter
• Love everything you own, if not, give it away for another to love
• Experiencing beauty is universal and needs to be accessible to all
• Happiness is always increased when shared
• Every day should have vacation time, make your home a resort
• Tomorrow is only a possibility, make sure you love what you do today
• Ambiance is life and life is beautiful
• Choose your ambiance: EastWood

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