ART- Chamcha wood round shape Dining table 48"

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The perfect solution to seating more people in a small space is one of our round dining tables.  Each table is handcrafted from the heart of salvaged  Chamcha wood trunk and stained to suit your home. It is a style of furniture adopted by designers and also craftsperson who desire to incorporate the natural feeling of the solid wood slab into the clean design of the furniture. This action results in the production of a natural and organic solid wood looking table. That also brings along earthy and raw energy with it.

We use Thai reclaimed Chamcha wood, for our ART round dining tables project. These produces extremely unique wood grains and there are no two pieces that are alike. With combinations of unique and organic reclaimed hardwood tabletop designs also streamline  metal legs, our tables are artistic and suited for all occasion.

Our round Chamcha Wood dining tables also enable us to create a sense of the natural world indoors. As most  city-dwellers live in dense and concrete  apartments, fostering a sense of nature in your living space would be dream-like. Our specialized artisanal ART collection will help you achieve this dream. Through our wide-ranging colour spectrum of reclaimed Chamcha wood and also the fascinating patterns of grains, we strive to fill your homes with warmth and sheer comfort.

If you are someone who prides in being organic or authentic, these Chamcha wood  dining tables will complement your personality. Whether you have a modern or rustic interior, our wooden coffee tables paired up with our consoles and will aesthetically enhance any corner of your home as they thrive in any setting. Invite seamless grace to your home by indulging in our stylish solid wood dining tables. 

Responsibly sourced and certified, our wood is highly sustainable and hence contributes to an eco-friendly home. Thai Reclaimed Wood is a sustainable source to craft our designer wooden dining table, EastWood dedicate extra effort to utilizing recycled wood without compromising on quality as well. This effort reduces the carbon footprint and helps us fight against climate change.

Dimensions : ~48" x48"x 30"H

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