MANGO wood console Nat Heart Shape 50"

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These beautifully sculpted roots feature all the natural curves and shapes of the root and its warm natural colours, making these stunning consols an eye-catching focal point in your hall way or living space.
Each root is very unique and you will never see the same root detailing twice, the sculptured root base is sourced from the National Thai Eco Programme. Excavating the roots encourages regrowth of forests and promotes sustainable livelihoods for local people. 
While mango tree is much better known around the world for its popular fruit, this South Asian tropical species from the flowering plant genus Mangifera can also be successfully cultivated for the production of wood. However, Mangifera indica can only produce wood that is suitable for cutting into lumber when the fruit-bearing lifespan has finished , and the tree can dedicate more of the nutrients into growing its size and quality if heartwood.
The color of mango wood is most often golden brown, although there are also variations that have more yellow tint or are featuring black or pink streaks across its surface . This color scheme makes mango wood very visually appealing. Sapwood and an outer layer of wood are also susceptible to the growth of fungi and spalting, which causes additional changes in colors, and spreading of the black patterns in the grain.
Product Details
  • Weight Capacity: 380 lb.
  • Assembly Required: No
  • About 50" wide


  • Top Material: Solid Wood
  • Top Wood Species: Mango 

Sustainably Sourced Wood Certifications or Reclaimed Wood

  • Reclaimed Wood: Yes

Natural Variation

  •  Wood Knots - (Round, dark spots in the wood.)
  •  Natural Wood Grain Colour Variation- (No item has the same grain color, finish, or wood knots due to natural factors.)
  •  Live Edge - (Natural edge of the wood that has been incorporated into the design.)
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