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EastWood has put together a magical collection of Bidasar heart stones, and each one expresses a universal feeling. Love, passion, admiration, obsession, reassurance, joy, intrigue, comfort, wonder, and many other human emotions seem to be portrayed in these homely but appealing objects.

This little heart shape stone can bring great pleasure to anyone who has ever sought inspiration and solace in nature.

EastWood heart stone is made using the extraordinary marble quality called Bidasar – named after the village Bidasar in the Indian region Rajasthan where it's found. The stone is a so-called metamorphic rock, shaped by the alterations of nature. The characteristic linear pattern stems from the chemical processes of the earth, while the lines are traces of the roots from surrounding trees. The stone varies in colour due to the differences of the mineral levels which is why no product of both series looks the same.

Bidasar Marble is also  called rainforest green marble. Bidasar marble is highly valued for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. Available in Green , Brown , Yellow.