PURE - Chamcha wood, live edge dining table

$1,895.00 CAD

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Live edge slabs are especially wonderful because no two pieces are ever the same. Characterized by the natural movement of the bark, we keep the original freeform outline intact, sand it down to ensure it is smooth, and finish it in a number of ways. All our slabs preserve the organic nooks of the wood, and we add butterflies where needed. Some slabs are dramatic in shape, while others are more mild and quite close to a straight edge with just the right amount of natural curves.
Chamcha Wood is a fast-growing and exotic subspecies of Acacia that is prized for its richly cured grain and distinct sap line. It is characteristic for these trees to grow crooked and with low and heavy branching. This allows for some of the most interesting and organic forms seen in the world’s forests. It is this irregularity that defines the PURE Collection; where we look for those pieces that stand out and turn them into functional works of art.
The entire collection focused on the incredible beauty of nature. Our company is dedicated to preserving living trees by offering you live edge dining table to sit around whether it be for meals, meetings, display or any other purpose. Our wood slabs are one of the categories we’re best known for, and we have a sales force that knows how to help you shop for your very own one-of- a-kind piece.
Transforming the beauty of nature into an element of design. Today we seek out the perfectly imperfect, turning discarded wood into astonishingly beautiful furniture.
This piece is crafted from natural solid wood. Color and Character of wood grain may vary, adding a unique character to your piece.
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