Terra 1 - Terracotta Table Vase

$69.00 CAD

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A handmade and natural terracotta pot, This design features a sweet and simple ribbon design around the middle of the planter while staying close to a minimalistic finish. This pot is perfect for all spaces indoors and outdoors!

We love these pots because natural clay is porous and absorbs excess water. The high density of clay allows for slow moisture release– creating an optimal environment for plant growth.

The design philosophy aims to find beauty in imperfection and to imbue storage solutions, tableware and home accessories with the beauty of nature. Scandinavian natural design.

Voluntary aging

  • Worn Effect Paint / Coating   ( The paint is intentionally rubbed or scraped off to give a worn look. )
  • Drainage Hole: Yes

SIZE: 11*11*11 INCH

Each handmade product is truly unique. Some variation in colour, shape and size is common. Nicks and abrasions give character to our pottery. 

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